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Opa’s Sampler Gift Box Description

Wow!  This spectacular sampler is a treasure chest of Opa’s smoked ham, jerky, sausage links, and Canadian bacon.  Impressive and absolutely delicious.

Opa’s Sampler Gift Box


Opa’s Jerky Gift Box Description

Best-sellers x 2. One pound each of Opa’s moist, tender beef and turkey jerky. A great snack for outdoor activities… or in front of the television.

Opa’s Jerky Gift Box


Opa’s Smoked Sausage Lovers Gift Box Description

Three pounds each of Opa’s Smoked Country Blend Beef/Pork Links, Beef Links and Jalapeño Links.

Opa’s Smoked Sausage Lovers Gift Box

$74.95     25% Savings

Gift Boxes

Opa's Gift Boxes are as easy to give as they are a joy to receive.

Opa’s Breakfast Gift Box Description

Perfect for a big holiday breakfast, this sampler is packed with start-your-day-right favorites:: Peppered Ham, Canadian Bacon, Peppered Bacon and Country Blend Sausage links.

Opa’s Breakfast Gift Box