"If Opa’s cannot satisfy the carnivorous tendencies in you… chances are that you have no pulse…"

Tony B. via Yelp


Good afternoon Opa’s Smoked Meats!

Here is a rough recipe of the Pork Loin Torpedo I had posted to your facebook page. There are many variations of this online (Bacon wrapped Pork Loin), and this was my first attempt. Feel free to cut or alter as you need (and the pictures if you need).  I’m sure with your store, you probably have all of these ingredients and can offer this to your customers. I believe it was successful and we look forward to doing it again. We stock up on your Opa’s Smoked Meat products when we visit my brother over in Carthage, TX.

Basic ingredients:

Pork Loin (whole or half) we used a whole loin (about 9 lbs in the picture) Bacon (I used 3 lbs – my bacon lattice needs some practice) Opa’s smoked sausage (we used both the smoked and jalapeno cheddar) – we used 8 links for the entire loin.
Butchers Twine

1. Thaw your pork loin (you can use a dry rub if you want a specific spice, I didn’t use any rub on this attempt)

2. Lay out your bacon and work it into a lattice, there are many example of this online.

3. Butterfly your loin on one side to place the sausage in the middle.
(Score the Opa’s to allow the flavor to permeate the loin from the inside)

4. Place the loin in the middle of the lattice, and ensure that the bacon completely surrounds the loin.

5. Take the butchers twin and secure the bacon to the outside of the loin.

6. Place the loin on the smoker (fat side up).

7. Remove from the smoker and let set for 10 minutes (allows the juices to draw back into the pork)

8. We sliced the loin into 1” – 1.25” medallions.

9. Tissues on hand…  some of your guest will be moved to tears from the incredible taste. smile


We have a Treager, and we smoked this Pork Loin Torpedo with Apple Wood (also put a small foil pan of apple juice in with the loin). Smoked the loin for about 5 hours @ 180-210 degrees (until the internal meat temp was 150).


Best Regards,

John H. Tucker
Basehor, Kansas