Opa’s Smoked Turkey Description

Opa’s blend of herbs and spices and slow-smoking with hickory makes these plump, moist turkeys a stand-out any time of the year.

Opa’s Smoked Turkey

$57.95     8 - 10 Lbs.

Opa’s Smoked Turkey Legs Description

This is fun food - grab a big Opa’s turkey leg and take a bite of smoky goodness. We sell them in pairs, so you can share… or save one for later.

Opa’s Smoked Turkey Legs

$8.95     2-Legs per Pkg.

Opa’s Peppered Cured Smoked Turkey “Jerky” Description

We use choice turkey tenders, hickory smoke, black cracked pepper and our special cure to create our uniquely moist and tender turkey jerky. A great low-fat option.

Opa’s Peppered Cured Smoked Turkey “Jerky”

$39.95     1 Lb.


America's favorite birds, our turkeys and chickens are fully cooked, seasoned and smoked - ready for a place on the holiday table  or in your favorite recipe.

Opa’s Smoked Chicken Description

These tender young chickens come out of our smokehouse transformed into a special treat for lunch or dinner.

Opa’s Smoked Chicken


Two Smoked Chickens Description

A box of two Opa’s Smoked Chickens. Delicious x 2.

Two Smoked Chickens


Three Smoked Chickens Description

A box of three Opa’s Smoked Chickens. Great deal!

Three Smoked Chickens