Ham & Bacon


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Opa’s Boneless Peppered Whole Ham

7 - 8 lbs.


Opa’s Boneless Peppered Half Ham

3 - 4 Lbs.


Opa’s Boneless Peppered Holiday Ham

2 - 3 Lbs.


What's Happening

Opa’s Beef Jerky Curried Rice

Our tender jerky is the star of this fast, easy, exotic dish that surprises the palate with fresh ginger and whole almonds.

Opa’s Gumbo

Start with a dark roux, then add chicken, shrimp and Opa’s sausage to cook up this classic Cajun dish. Bon appetit, y’all!

Our Story

Family Owned Since 1947

It is our long standing tradition and continued commitment to produce only the finest quality smoked meats. We use authentic German recipes that have been in our family for generations.

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