Wow!  This spectacular sampler is a treasure chest of Opa’s smoked ham, jerky, sausage links, and Canadian bacon.  Impressive and absolutely delicious.

    Opa’s Sampler Gift Box



    Best-sellers x 2. One pound each of Opa’s moist, tender beef and turkey jerky. A great snack for outdoor activities… or in front of the television.

    Opa’s Jerky Gift Box


    Gift Boxes

    Opa’s Gift Boxes are as easy to give as they are a joy to receive.


    Three pounds each of Opa’s Smoked Country Blend Beef/Pork Links, Beef Links and Jalapeño Links.

    Opa’s Smoked Sausage Lovers Gift Box

    $74.95 25% Savings


    Perfect for a big holiday breakfast, this sampler is packed with start-your-day-right favorites:: Peppered Ham, Canadian Bacon, Peppered Bacon and Country Blend Sausage links.

    Opa’s Breakfast Gift Box